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Bespoke software development and consultancy services that covers CAD and Aviation

Computer Aided Design

Software development consultancy services for AutoCAD, MicroStation and other popular CAD design application using Microsoft Visual Studio.

AutoCAD : AutoLISP, VBA, ADS and ObjectARX

MicroStation : User Commands and MDL (Native)

Development technologies cover .NET Framework, .NET Standard, .NET Core and .NET 5 using C, C++ and C# as the development language. Azure DevOps used for source control with CI/CD.

Desktop & App Development

Desktop and app development for Microsoft Windows handling multiplatform devices using DevOps

Desktop : WinForms, UWP

App : iOS (iPhone and iPad), Andriod, Windows 10 and other support platforms using Xamarin Forms

FPAssistant SDK

Developers of the FPAssistant SDK, an aviation set of API's for aviation, written by developers for developers

The SDK covers guidance, calculations and tools assisting with aviation & flight procedure design covering ICAO PANS-OPS and FAA TERPS criterias.

Features include: IAS/TAS, Geodetic Calcs, Obstacles, FAS Data Block, ARINC 424 Parser, etc.

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