CADology is primarily a software development house consulting for clients, strategic partners and creating its own products like ctXML (XML CAD Graphics). The main focus at present is developing .NET c# add-ins for AutoCAD and MicroStation based on common code, the two images on the right show a .NET dialog being supported in AutoCAD and MicroStation with features like docking and transparency. Microsoft .NET support gives extra power and we are currently trying to use the .NET Parallel extensions to make use of quad core CPUs.

Theses .NET Add-ins are designed to work with AutoCAD 2008 onwards and MicroStation V8 XM, but the latest versions do support the latest .NET Framework.

News in Brief

New Product - ctXML

A new product developed using .NET technology that interfaces to AutoCAD and MicroStation to allow geometry to be created in the CAD environment use the same XML format. This is ideal for people who want to create graphics inside the CAD system but don't really want to learn the complex CAD API's on offer. Instead, write an XML file and let ctXML do the work. Further details, please visit the ctXML product page.

CADology is Awarded Trademark from IPO, UK

In 2008, CADology applied for a trademark for the company name and in January 2009 the trademark was awarded and a certificate has been received.

PDToolKit Sample Screenshots

Properties (AutoCAD)Properties (AutoCAD)
Properties (AutoCAD)
Properties (MicroStation)Properties (MicroStation)
Properties (MicroStation)