Web Design

Web Design Services

From simple static websites to the most complex, dynamic web applications, we can provide a website that is visually effective, easy to navigate and functionally versatile.

Every organisation is different in terms of the nature of its business, the image it portrays and how it interacts and transacts with its clients. So before we start any project, we listen to you to make sure we understand your business and get a full picture of the role you want your website to play within it, enabling us to deliver the right solution for your specific needs.

Starting with the most basic role for any website, which is to reflect a company's identity; "who they are" and "what they do", as it were, the initial stage of our work is to capture the essence of your organisation, aligning the design of the website with any existing branding you might already have and encapsulating these into an effective template and series of informational pages that portray the right image while conveying basic facts about your business.

However, we go over and above that. For many businesses today, the internet can offer much more than a static online brochure with interactive, versatile and intelligent functionality that engages customers and gives them new ways to connect with the business.

In this, we can provide you with a customised solution by developing a versatile, dynamic, database driven website that presents up to date information, manages business processes such as e-commerce or conducts other bespoke functionality, thus making a real difference to the revenue, profitability and efficiency of your business.

Technical Expertise

You can count on the best in technical expertise from us, with years of experience covering a comprehensive range of disciplines needed to deliver websites and web-based applications.

Experience in graphic design for web along with extensive knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript allows us to translate initial visualisations and navigational plans into websites that are validated to the latest W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) HTML and CSS standards.

This way, we make sure that your web pages will produce consistent results to exacting standards in a variety of current browser platforms, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, thus making them accessible to as wide an audience as possible without compromising design.

Our client-side skills are further augmented by highly advanced, server-side technical skills on both the Windows and Linux platforms with scripting languages such as ASP/VBScript and PHP, as well as databases such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL.

This allows us to take your website from the realms of simple online brochures to sophisticated, custom-written, dynamic websites that incorporate robust applications for actively engaging and interacting with your clients.