Upcoming Products

CADology is currently developing the following product with a view to bring to market:


CAD application that allows graphics to be created through XML. This product is now available for beta test; please contact CADology for a trial version or read more information on the ctXML product page.


Over the years CADology has been developing an SharePoint iFilter for AutoCAD DWG and MicroStation DGN CAD documents. This product has never been released because of changes to the base CAD API and also expected change to the iFilter interface from ActiveX to .NET Assembly. CADology would still like to develop this product.


ActiveX DLL to extract user data from CAD documents (AutoCAD DWG & MicroStation DGN).

DWG & DGN ActiveX Control for Viewing CAD Documents (DWG & DGN)

This is under initial development and will be a simply viewer component and will not offer the full viewing options.