PDToolKit - General Info

The PDToolKit suite of applications is an integrated set of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for use by the Procedures Designer.

The suite offers simplified construction of complex design environments, surfaces and areas for the purpose of design, analysis and management of instrument procedures information.

PDToolKit offers the right choice of tools for specialists working and training in instrument procedures design and in the criteria of your choice.

PDToolKit - User Interface

PDToolKit Dialogue Box

A simple, easy to use dialogue is the basis for most of the features in PDToolKit that the user will use.

Features include:

  • Single click operation for interaction with CAD and dialog settings/options.
  • Distance conversions automatic on dialogue fields.
  • Help text for dialogue properties, user editable.
  • Options presented in lists for easy selection.
  • Seamless Integration within the CAD system, both AutoCAD and MicroStation.
  • Windows style property dialogue, easy to learn.
  • Geodetic support through WGS-84 coordinate input in your chosen projection.
  • Units added to property values for clarity.

PDToolKit - XML Reporting

Obstacle Data Extracted from CAD Drawing in XML by PDToolKit

One of the key features of PDToolKit is to present the aviation data and information in XML, this is available in reports, such as Obstacles, Waypoints, etc. or to present the designer with the results of a Obstacle Analysis.

The screen shot to the right shows the power of XML Style sheets (XSLT is the technical acronym). The obstacles are extracted from the CAD drawing by PDToolKit in XML, then applying a style sheet to the XML data (obstacles) it can be presented using Internet Explorer. The example shows the obstacles presented in a HTML table and sorted by obstacle height. There is also a “Show Me” that when clicked will instruct the cad software to zoom the obstacle to the centre of the view.

PDToolKit - Obstacle Analysis

PDToolKit Obstacle Analysis

XML is the key feature of the Obstacle Analysis feature in PDToolKit. The efficient algorithm will calculate the point of the circumference of the Obstacle where it touches the 3D surfaces of the procedure, also calculated are the distances of the penetration over the surface and the distance under the surface. This is not restricted to PDToolKit created surfaces, the Obstacle Analysis can work with user drawn surfaces to.

In the basic example shown, the XML style sheet has been developed to display obstacles under the following conditions:

  • Display obstacles in blue if they are under the surface by 5 meters
  • Display obstacles in red if they penetrate the surface
  • The data is sorted by the penetration distance

PDToolKit - Pricing & Purchase

For up-to-date pricing information on the PDToolKit range of software and for its purchase, please visit the Aeronautical Software Developments (ASD) website (www.PDToolKit.com).

PDToolKit Sample Screenshots

Properties (AutoCAD)Properties (AutoCAD)
Properties (AutoCAD)
Properties (MicroStation)Properties (MicroStation)
Properties (MicroStation)