ctXML - General Info

ctXML is a plug-in to CAD that will read a XML document(file) to create graphical primitives in the drawing. This enables the user or external application the ability to generate CAD drawings without having to know the API of the CAD software.

Try Before You Buy

You are welcome to download ctXML and give it a try before you go ahead and purchase. This trial version is restricted and not all features are supported.

ctXML - Features & Specifications

Graphical Objects

Facet(3dface/shape), Arc, Circle, Line, Polyline, Symbol(Block/Cell), Text


Option to group graphics primitives using CAD specific features


Ability to create invisible data on the graphics primitive

CAD Software

AutoCAD 2008 / AutoCAD 2009: Variations on these versions
MicroStation XM: Planned

ctXML is developed using Visual Studio as a .NET application. For each of the supported CAD system, ctXML integrates and uses the .NET offered.

AutoCAD: .NET App using variation of ObjectARX, NETLOAD command to load
MicroStation: .NET app using calls to the base MDL API, loaded as a normal MDL application.

ctXML - Revision History

November 2008




Second beta release with Polyline, StatusXML and Group support for AutoCAD


Initial Beta Release of ctXML for AutoCAD and MicroStation

ctXML - Licensing & Distribution

Once purchased, ctXML is licensed for use in your development environment for up to 3 developers. If you required more than 3 developer licenses please contact CADology. Once you’re ready to ship your application then you must have a valid “Distribution License”.

Distribution License: This is available to purchase in 1, 3 and 5 year options. This permits the users to ship the required files with their own application without any restrictions. If you do not have a valid “Distribution License” then you must not ship any of the ctXML software outside of your development department. And that includes other in-house departments.

ctXML - Download & Trial

To download your trial version of ctXML Beta Release 2009.2.10.x, please click here.

ctXML - Pricing & Purchase



ctXML Developer License for AutoCAD


ctXML Developer License for MicroStation


ctXML Developer License (AutoCAD & MicroStation)


ctXML Distribution License – 1 Year


ctXML Distribution License – 3 Years


ctXML Distribution License – 5 Years



All prices are in GBP Pound Sterling.

ctXML - Manual and Other Info


To view the manual online, please click here.

Under Development:

There is a version of ctXML that allows geographical data to be used as coordinates, hence if you had a GPS that created Lat/Long points then these could be plotted in a CAD drawing. Sample of XML:

<Create_LINE Layer="CTXML_GeoTestLine" Colour="BLUE" LineStyle="Continuous" LineWeight="1" Lat1="51:53:47.2524" Long1="00:12:4.388" Z1="45" Lat2="51:53:44.8116" Long2="0:13:25.6476" Z2="15" />

This is currently available for AutoCAD MAP 3D 2009, there are plans to support MicroStation in the future. For further information, please contact CADology.