About Us

CADology, based in the United Kingdom, has been offering CAD software tools and software development consultancy since 1988 for AutoCAD and MicroStation. It was started by Dawson Bunn who still heads the company today.

CADology was one of the first companies to join the Autodesk Registered Developer scheme back in 1988 and as Autodesk changed over the years, CADology is currently a Autodesk Developer Network(ADN) partner in the Autodesk Virtual Corporation.

CAD Consultancy has also been a key area for CADology, not only for the Autodesk products but also services have been provided in the Intergraph (IGDS) and MicroStation field covering installations, software development and training. CADology is also part of the Bentley Developer Network (BDN).

Over the years CAD software has been developed using the development environments of AutoCAD and MicroStation covering AutoLISP, ADS, UCM, MDL and now on to the latest ObjectARX with clients abroad to those here in the UK. Since the launch of AutoCAD 2000, the use of the Object Model has been used to develop and train customers.

CADology has been the major software developer for Aeronautical Software Developments Ltd and their product PDToolKit, this software has been developed to be CAD platform independent.

Software development with IntelliCAD has been provided to clients, this has mainly been conversion projects from ADS to SDS(the C based development system). This started with the release of IntelliCAD 98 and now updates for IntelliCAD 2000.

With the World Wide Web usage increasing in the comercial world, CADology has been looking at internet development with a CAD bias. This has opened another area of software development for the company and a few web based projects have started and completed. These projects have included HTML with Flash animations, database access through Active Server Pages (ASP) and now onto ASP.NET for a football competition web site where the user picks the squad.

CADology is also a Substaining member of the Open Design Alliance using both DGNdirect and DWGdirect API toolkits. These toolkits have also been used to create applications and provide be-spoke applications for clients.